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Welcome to my first ever scooter tuning blog! My name is Yan, also known as burnt_toast on many scooter forums, and in this blog I will be discussing and reflecting on my previous and current experiences with modern 2-stroke scooters, tuning, fixing and modifying them to travel at warp speeds (or as close to as humanly possible 😉

As time goes on I will be adding lots of info that has been scattered in many previous postings, as well as blogging about all my newest and latest scooter projects! All right here on

I would love to hear your feedback, comments and suggestions about layout content or anything else you’d like to see here at Scooter Toast. You can reach me directly by email at

Stay tuned, check back often, and please subscribe* to receive all the newest updates! 🙂

*Easiest way to subscribe: click “All posts” under RSS feeds on bottom of page, then choose an option that’s easiest for you, ex Live Bookmarks if you’re a Firefox user, etc



One Comment

  1. Looking forward to a great blog Yan. Can’t wait to see your newest projects.

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