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Performance 2-stroke scooter CVT transmissions need to vent and cool to run best. Otherwise you start getting “heat soak” causing springs and clutch to fade and worst of all breaking your drive belt.

Heat soak is an even bigger problem once you go big bore 70cc or more, since now the engine runs even hotter! The dio style Honda Elite scooters have a split case cover that allows you to take the back half off and instantly have tons of airflow cooling the clutch and CVT pullies.

Jog style covers aren’t so lucky, so you must go custom! Some people drill lots of holes, cut chunks out, etc.

My personal favorite is cutting huge 1.25in holes side by side, then rounding off edges with a dremel. Not only does it look cool but your transmission parts will want to thank you for the added air flow.

In preperation for my Jog’s next big bore, here’s how I did this to my case cover.
(click to view larger image)




  1. Just wondering if you ever drilled out an elite transmission case so that you wouldn’t have to leave the rear portion fully off? Nice to keep it on and keep road debris out. I’ve seen aftermarket rear covers that are vented. I’m sure VT has them, no?

    • I haven’t, but I’m sure it would be possible just like with the jog covers. Personally once the cover is vented I don’t really worry about road debris, it all tends to just blow by and clean itself out 😉

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