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And now, the long awaited install of a custom ported cylinder on my jog!

2-stroke cylinders of almost any application can be “ported” to a certain degree to aid in directing intake, exhaust, and combustion flow paths. This particular cylinder started out as a used cast 47mm bore, then with magic formulas and various tools was ported to enhance its performance. The goal being to outperform a T-6 Airsal 70cc kit, which was previously installed on my Jog.

All the credit for port work goes to StepVino, a local 2-stroke magician who spent many a painstaking hours improving on what Taiwan kits lack 🙂

Interested in porting your own scooter’s cylinder? Check out his porting programs for a step in the right direction HERE

I took a plethora of pictures documenting the build up of my Jog using this new cylinder (link below)


Trying Flickr for the first time,

See the Complete Album SLIDESHOW OF PICS HERE

Notes and Results: (for those who care to look beyond the pics.. lol)

Cylinders in comparison pics: Stock Jog 50cc, Ported Airsal aluminum 70cc, Taiwan 70cc (stock), Taiwan 70cc Ported by StepVino

Note the widened exhaust port, redirected and widened transfer ports, details of portwork can be found HERE

Ghetto rigged thermocouple onto cylinder stud end for tracking cylinder head temps, later removed due to inconsistent readings

Ever have a pain aligning crush type gaskets on the exhaust? A few dabs of silicone or similar will hold it place just enough to install as needed, burns off and looks ugly but better than fumbling trying to align it 😉

Scored a stiffer adjustable shock and even though it doesn’t match the scoot (red wtf), it was a welcome upgrade 245mm length vs stock of 230mm or so

Transmission setup: Clutch has dio style polini green grab springs, 2k rated center spring, 8.2:1 final drive gearing, 3.5-10 Michelin S1 rear tire

Currently experimenting with roller setups and jetting, so far 4g is working best

With rich jetting, top speed seen so far: 70.7 mph by gps! already suprassing what the Airsal could pull, now just need to work on acceleration

Stay Tuned 8)



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