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Videos are here! taken from pilot’s point of view 😛

With me trying to hold and focus a camera while cruisin the Jog at high speeds! It was no easy task, but came out not too bad, enjoy! 🙂

P.S. ran out of memory in the last vid, darn.. plus lotsa commentary hah




  1. Looking good, but please no more
    riding one handed, while shooting
    videos with the other hand!

    How is the tuning coming along?
    I’m wondering if you have reached
    the limit with that exhaust.

    • Feels pretty much dialed in perfect right now, and feels like I’m capping this current setup at near 70mph. I think the bottleneck is actually the 17mm carb, I’m sure a 19 would be better all around and maybe good for mid 70’s

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