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With my Yamaha Jog and other jog style bikes now sold, I will be focusing more on Dio-style Honda builds. For some quick background on this scooter platform check out THIS link, in a nutshell ’94 and up 50cc Honda Elites have a huge aftermarket for performance and personally an absolute joy to work on. I like them so much, I now own 3 of them 🙂

First off I’d like to recap on my 2001 Honda Elite SR50. I was lucky enough to find this one locally in CHERRY condition (very clean, no cracks or scratches). It had around 5,000 stock ridden miles and was garage kept its entire life, with clear title and single owner. I picked it up non-running for $400 and began planning its future mad scientist style 8)

I got it running very shortly after with just a new set of rings from Honda ($30) but the stock unrestricted performance, while very peppy, at only 35mph top speed wasn’t going to cut it for my 30mile commute.

To find out what happened next, see “How to build a fast Elite!”

It is now my daily driver, nearing 10,000 total miles (half of them fully modded) and cruising at speeds of up to 75mph, gps verified. It has been one of my favorite and most satisfying scooter projects to date.

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  1. WOW…pretty cool man.What does it top out at? Do you run racing fuel? We just bought a 48 gallon drum of VP 116 oct. for 293.00.Congradulation on a great rebuild. It should make you proud. Bob Davis,Springboro,Oh.

    • Thanks man, top speed 76mph by gps, could do more with better gears but its plenty for me 😉

      running 93 pump gas

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