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My latest project 1998 Honda Elite SA50P, here’s how she’s coming along 8) Goals are to cruise 45mph 50mph dowhill with decent acceleration and get 70 or more mpg, all with stock 50cc bore.

Before: (CLICK pic for slideshow)

In Progress: (CLICK pic for slideshow)

Stage1 Includes following:

YMS exhaust
Upjetted carb, richened main, cut uni foam
Oil pump wired full open
BR8HSA sparkplug
Malossi carbon fiber reed
OKO variator -tuning
1.5k center spring
2k jog grab springs
7.4:1 gearing (NOT ratio I requested..)
Shinko 3.00-10 tires
EBC pads in rear

Superbike Sportbike grips
new levers and mounts (thanks evilone)
Taiwan metro mirrors
Custom DAC speedo overlay
Rims painted gloss black
billet bronze stemp caps
Degreased case
Panels cleaned up
Decals removed

Stage1 Complete: (CLICK pic for slideshow)


One Comment

  1. One sweet Elite brutha!! I want one!!

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