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First off to those that check my page out every so often, let me appologize about taking to long to post updates. I get busy, and sometimes just plain lazy 😛

I’m gonna do my best to add updates on a set basis, maybe every second sunday or something as well as update the other “useful” pages, so stay tuned!

To this day to count, I’ve owned a total of ELEVEN scooters 😯 and ALL have been (originally) 50cc 2-strokes, at about #7 I was really looking to go 4-stroke but then found a JDM Yamaha Jog and got sucked back in..

Well not anymore! I am happy to say I’ve ventured into the 4-stroke world and picked up my first 150cc scooter woohoo!

Before it I had debated on just getting a motorcycle but am just a sucker for good gas mileage and concealed storage, things a 150 scoot should be all about 😉

Besides motorcycles are stoopid anyway.. juss kiddin! I love cafe’d style bikes and hope to own one someday, street fighter look is nice too. But for now a radically style jet fighter/transformer strada eurojet rx150i will do just fine! :mrgreen:

Not sure of my plans for this one yet, but here she is getting ready for tarping in my backyard, comeback later for any updates and enjoy


(click pics for larger image)



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