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It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally added some of my favorite links to the “Links and Resources” page. Check em out, lots of useful stuff for everybody.

As far as current scooter projects:

I am currently working on tuning my Stage2 parts on my ’98 Elite S aka Bumblebee. It’s gone from 50cc to 72cc with a Polini Contessa, ct manifold, 24mm OKO carb and YMS exhaust and running much nicer ratio gearing at 8.44:1  I’ve taken a few snaps as this one comes along and will post up soon.

My aging 01 Elite SR with the ministroked Polini Corsa is under the knife, after almost 5000 modded miles its steadily lost some performance and I hope to gain it back after some decarbonization and engine adjustments.

The other scooters sit waiting for action, running pretty low on funds nowadays, AND if anyone would like to donate to help fund parts you can do so with the DONATE tab in the top right, I and the scooters would much appreciate it 🙂

Till next time, ride safe out there 8)


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