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After only briefly keeping my yellow and black bee colored Elite at what I called “Stage 1” (See previous post HERE). I decided 50cc just wasn’t cutting it for me.

With all performance parts ready on the shelf I tore down and within a weekend got it to my “Stage 2” spec which now includes:

  • Polini Contessa 72cc bore, on stock crank
  • New Honda OEM top end bearing
  • JDM Dio head bolts
  • YMS Exhaust
  • CT Manifold
  • 24mm OKO carburetor (128, 42,  1clip lean, 1.5 out A/F)
  • custom fit UNI open filter
  • FIAMM horn (need to hardwire)
  • SEF Ramp plate (awesome mod!)
  • OKO variator Pulley (8g net rollers)
  • RPM Clutch bell (off until new clutch arrives)
  • 8.44:1 secondary trans gears (MUCH better than 7.4 ratio)
  • 2k center in S trans
  • 2k Jog grab springs
  • Shinko S1 copy tires
  • plus Aesthetic changes from Stage1

Tuning this new setup was quite a pain and mostly the reason I didn’t post any updates. With latest jet settings mentioned she runs much better and just perfect for cruising. Full tune to come soon with new gauges 🙂



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