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After something like 3k miles, it was time to peak at my bee’s cvt and service her out, here are the results.

Also tried out a stroker V8 style pipe, ran like poo paired with 75cc bore, so back to YMS. Other changes include: new 2k rear center spring, new inline fuel filter, degreased, new rollers and a Prodigy carbon grip clutch. Note how well the Ruima rollers have lasted, very pleased with their performance!

Overall the prodigy clutch helps quite a bit with low speed roll on throttle performance and I’m pleased with the performance. Once heated up launch is not the best with included springs so I would recommend swapping to 2k Dio springs for better bite, if you so desire.

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  1. What does the belt dressing do for you?

    • When used on car belts, it stocks squeeking and aids in grip. It basically conditions the rubber in the belt, I sprayed it on and let it sit on both sides for a good hour or so. Its just something I decided to try to improve belt grip and longevity.


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