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After a catastrophic crank failure, cherry sat and sat in the garage corner. With new projects in the que, it was time for a rebirth! Now my fastest build is back up, running the higher revving stock crank and once again hauling some serious ass woohoo 🙂

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  1. is it faster with the stock crnak than the mini?

    • As of now, I still have to do some final tuning, but first riding impressions definitely feel a lot more midrange and top end pull.

      Stock crank allows for higher overall rpm.

      I will GPS and post results, soon as I get a chance!


  2. i have a stock crank sym dd-50 with 72 corsa, 28 oko carb,scorp. pipe, polini 7:1 gears, keli vari, etc but im debated if the teflon mini crank would be good for me or just save up for some race porting on the bore/block or a full cover stock stroke crank. this bore/pipe wants REVS

    • i would suggest do some porting and stick to stock crank, its well matched for a corsa that wants to rev

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