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Hello, my name is Yan and I’m 21 years old and a scooter tuning fanatic 🙂 Riding and working on scooters has been a hobby for me since the age of 14 back when I craved getting a go cart and instead accidentaly stumbled on ol beat up 50cc ’85 Honda Spree. Back then I didn’t even know what cc meant, to this day I’m still unsure.. Just kiddin!

I started off not knowing anything about scooters or motorcycles, but always eager to turn a wrench I brought the Spree back to life and rode the hell out of it for a solid year before getting a whopping ticket for lots of “legal” stuff I was missing. The Spree got garaged after that, but I was hooked on scoots. Going to a bigger motorcycle after would’ve been typical for most people but for many simple reasons I decided a scooter would suit me better: easy to work on, economical, great on gas, gets the girls.. oh wait, kidding yet again hah

It was with my next scooter that I learned about possible modifications, tricks and tweaks that could turn some slow 50cc 30mph scooters into 70+mph firebreathing monsters! Turning this into reality took lots of pain staking hours building, tuning, destroying, rebuilding and re-tuning. All while pitting my scooter on the streets against many unsuspecting racers at lights and at the dragstrip.

As a hobby some people do different things, I build and ride fast scooters, thats how I get my kicks 😉




  1. We’ve got you linked, Yan! Great blog! Keep up the good work and see ya in SA soon!

    • Good to hear man, looking forward to this years 3CR 🙂

  2. hi where i can buy ruima secondary gears 18-49? i have italy product 16-42 but i need more speed.

    thanks carlo alberto

  3. Hi there

    Great projects you have here. I just have one questions for you that you might know. I have a Honda Dio, and I have put a Airsal 70cc kit in it and a size 96 jet. It seems to be running rich and dies under throttle. Do you know what size jet I need? I dont want to go too small, as I don’t want to burn through the piston.

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