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Hey guys, yet again I must apologize for not posting any updates in such a long time. I have been busy! Part ONE of Tempest got completed, then I got super busy with school..

For the Results of Project Tempest See HERE

Next up, I have opened up a new business venue selling performance scooter parts! What I hope sets me apart is the fact that everything I sell will be researched to be provide the best possible results for everyone’s scooter modding adventures πŸ™‚

Come checkout the new biz ScootSpecs HERE

Currently carrying a selection of Ruima DIO parts, so if you got a 94+ Elite let me know and I can hook you up!

I will try to update on individual projects as much as I can, but I am very busy with a full time school course load on top of work.

As of now I have 8 (yes EIGHT) scooters with two planned to sell, and 2 planned for major build projects. So as always, keep checking back and stay tuned 8)

Got any project requests? Hit me up at


Here is the LAST piece of my Jog adventure, and the HEART of my build: Custom ported 47mm cylinder by StepVino

It is in excellent shape with just slight score marks, but plenty of life left. This is a great cylinder for anyone with a mid-race to full race chambered exhaust that can rev to 11-12k+ rpm. Managed 70.7mph with a 17mm carb and tecnigas RS on my setup with 8:1 gearing without hitting the full powerband! Should be good for near 80mph with a nice pipe.



Right here in Texas, grab your sweet taste of JDM horizontal minarelli goodness!

Checkout the ad here:

Yup, I am deciding to sell my Jog to move onto other projects.

Got a Jog or Jog clone? May I interest you in some performance parts?

Check out the listing here, lots of good stuff

Videos are here! taken from pilot’s point of view πŸ˜›

With me trying to hold and focus a camera while cruisin the Jog at high speeds!Β It was no easy task, but came out not too bad, enjoy! πŸ™‚

P.S. ran out of memory in the last vid, darn.. plus lotsa commentary hah


And now, the long awaited install of a custom ported cylinder on my jog!

2-stroke cylinders of almost any application can be “ported” to a certain degree to aid in directing intake, exhaust, and combustion flow paths. This particular cylinder started out as a used cast 47mm bore, then with magic formulas and various tools was ported to enhance its performance. The goal being to outperform a T-6 Airsal 70cc kit, which was previously installed on my Jog.

All the credit for port work goes to StepVino, a local 2-stroke magician who spent many a painstaking hours improving on what Taiwan kits lack πŸ™‚

Interested in porting your own scooter’s cylinder? Check out his porting programs for a step in the right direction HERE

I took a plethora of pictures documenting the build up of my Jog using this new cylinder (link below)


Trying Flickr for the first time,

See the Complete Album SLIDESHOW OF PICS HERE

Notes and Results: (for those who care to look beyond the pics.. lol)

Cylinders in comparison pics: Stock Jog 50cc, Ported Airsal aluminum 70cc, Taiwan 70cc (stock), Taiwan 70cc Ported by StepVino

Note the widened exhaust port, redirected and widened transfer ports, details of portwork can be found HERE

Ghetto rigged thermocouple onto cylinder stud end for tracking cylinder head temps, later removed due to inconsistent readings

Ever have a pain aligning crush type gaskets on the exhaust? A few dabs of silicone or similar will hold it place just enough to install as needed, burns off and looks ugly but better than fumbling trying to align it πŸ˜‰

Scored a stiffer adjustable shock and even though it doesn’t match the scoot (red wtf), it was a welcome upgrade 245mm length vs stock of 230mm or so

Transmission setup: Clutch has dio style polini green grab springs, 2k rated center spring, 8.2:1 final drive gearing, 3.5-10 Michelin S1 rear tire

Currently experimenting with roller setups and jetting, so far 4g is working best

With rich jetting, top speed seen so far: 70.7 mph by gps! already suprassing what the Airsal could pull, now just need to work on acceleration

Stay Tuned 8)


Performance 2-stroke scooter CVT transmissions need to vent and cool to run best. Otherwise you start getting “heat soak” causing springs and clutch to fade and worst of all breaking your drive belt.

Heat soak is an even bigger problem once you go big bore 70cc or more, since now the engine runs even hotter! The dio style Honda Elite scooters have a split case cover that allows you to take the back half off and instantly have tons of airflow cooling the clutch and CVT pullies.

Jog style covers aren’t so lucky, so you must go custom! Some people drill lots of holes, cut chunks out, etc.

My personal favorite is cutting huge 1.25in holes side by side, then rounding off edges with a dremel. Not only does it look cool but your transmission parts will want to thank you for the added air flow.

In preperation for my Jog’s next big bore, here’s how I did this to my case cover.
(click to view larger image)


Here’s some history about one of my current scooters, a ’98 Yamaha Jog. I am going to be upgrading it once again very soon and posting this up for yall to get acquainted, click any of the pics to enlarge and enjoy the post.

Yamaha Jogs from years 1992 and up are very sought after scooter for their performance potential. Read this wonderfully detailed guide Motor Scooter Guide – Yamaha Jog if you’d like to learn more about them and what makes them so special πŸ™‚

I was lucky enough to find one in a neighboring city, Austin TX back in May of 2008, which I bargained down to a cool $800 total including transfer of ownership and all legal papers (was dealer owned), $550 for the scooter alone. I was just super happy to now own a TRUE Yamaha Jog πŸ˜€

Freebies included a huge storage box, dirty motor, and retro paintjob!

Next up, some cleaning and serious TLC back at home

I promised myself I would keep it “stock” and just cruise, getting a gps verified 65 MPG going WOT (wide open throttle) everywhere at a brisk 45-47 MPH, not bad for a stock 50cc scooter. But..

That didn’t last long and the mod bug soon bit 😈

I decided to go on a budget route, and started piecing parts together in August 2008, completing the build in late September.

Why budget? Because after goals have been accomplished the fact that you spent a lot less than the other guy for similar results gives you an even bigger grin. πŸ˜‰

How budget am I talking about? The following was done with about $450 towards mods..

1998 Yamaha Jog Nextzone Complete Modlist:
+ 3.50-10 Michelin S1 Rear Tire (32psi)
+ 90/90-10 Michelin S1 Front Tire (31psi)
+ Airsal T6 aluminum 70cc full kit
(Smoothed ports, Knife edged exhaust, Aligned base ports)
+ Cut Fins on A/C cover
+ Duct tape over slit between A/C cover and engine shroud
+ NGK Plug boot
+ NGK B9HS plug (.029gap)
+ 17mm Vento Carburetor
(filled main jet ~105, custom support bracket)
+ Custom intake with Unifilter
(Note Polini filter I tried first, but didn’t want to cut panels)
+ Vento Triton larger matching manifold
+ Polini Carbon Fiber reeds
+ Tecnigas RS (Race Series) exhaust
+ Jog90 788mm belt
+ Keli variator with added belt spacer
+ 8.6g x3 rollers 25.7g total actual
+ 2k Center spring, stock 105mm clutch and grab springs!
+ 1:8.16 Jog90 secondary gears, (25% upgear)
+ 75w90 full synthetic gear oil
+ Castrol 2t in injector, castor927 1.5oz premix

Build-up pics:

This combo netted a 67 MPH flat out top speed! by Garmin GPS, with amazing acceleration and wheelies at will!

However, this build was short lived. Not even a month after completion, as I was crossing an intersection the bike crackled popped and shut off, forcing me to walk it home. Pulling the motor apart I discovered one of the piston clips flew out and caused critical damage to the cylinder GRRR I was bummed since this setup was tuned very well, but show must go on.

I decided to rebuild back to a 50cc top end with just a few engine changes, including: Airsal T6 head for better dome shape and no headgasket for more compression, keeping the rest of the add ons (RS exhaust, 8.2:1 gearing, cvt mods..) in place.

That is where I’m at right now, seldom riding the Jog but getting great gas mileage and a 56mph gps’d top speed when I do, due to the crazy gearing.

Stay tuned for my Jog’s next 70cc adventure 8)