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Hey guys, yet again I must apologize for not posting any updates in such a long time. I have been busy! Part ONE of Tempest got completed, then I got super busy with school..

For the Results of Project Tempest See HERE

Next up, I have opened up a new business venue selling performance scooter parts! What I hope sets me apart is the fact that everything I sell will be researched to be provide the best possible results for everyone’s scooter modding adventures 🙂

Come checkout the new biz ScootSpecs HERE

Currently carrying a selection of Ruima DIO parts, so if you got a 94+ Elite let me know and I can hook you up!

I will try to update on individual projects as much as I can, but I am very busy with a full time school course load on top of work.

As of now I have 8 (yes EIGHT) scooters with two planned to sell, and 2 planned for major build projects. So as always, keep checking back and stay tuned 8)

Got any project requests? Hit me up at


Tempest. That is what I’m calling this bike. In the end I hope it will be fitting 😉

Here’s an update on the frame. Got back from Robbie at RLM, an awesome machinist and more who builds custom drag motorcycles, motors, you name it.

I trusted him to do the fancy work that I could only dream, but lacked the skills to produce. The results were just what the doctor ordered. Still need to map and spec out shock mount, but its in the works.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

While my custom spree frame is still under the knife, I’ve been scouting and sourcing all sorts of cool custom parts for this project. Here’s the latest:

cafe drag drop down bars
blue adj throttle cable
blue anodized valve stem caps
superbike gel progrips
progrip brake handle covers
ebc brake shoes
anodized cvt bolts
BBR quick action throttle
MSD Blaster coil

Making them work will be interesting and I am looking forward to it 🙂




Sorry to keep you guys waiting, here is the latest on my SpreeTypeR project:

Stripped down to bare frame, ask about any parts!
Received dio motor and mount
Received dio wire harness
Received bar stems and koso cdi
Received custom LED tail rack
Now she’s down and under the knifey

If you’d like to follow along a bit more closely, see my post over at, enjoy



First off I’d like to send a special thank you to those that have donated! Every little bit helps and I truly appreciate it.

On to some updates

SO I was reading my favorite  car mags, and got  some inspiration for a new project.. (Projectcar Magazine is straight badass! I’m an avid reader, its a great mag for the budget builders and great for ideas, for any vehicles. And the August issue of hondatuning has some sick honda builds from oldschool to new that really made me crave more Honda!)
Photobucket Photobucket

Next thing I know I’m browsing craigslist and NEXT day..

A fresh lookin Honda Spree sits in my garage! 🙂

This is the same scooter that I first started out with and its nice to own one again. But this time around, I got some wild plans and will be calling this project: SpreeTypeR. Sure she may not look like much now, but stay tuned and see the transformation 😉 I’ll be starting off  by refurbing back to stock to get a baseline, and then the real fun begins!

Next up, some goodies from Tommy aka Limp1144 over at Check him out for your Elite needs, he’s bringing in top notch parts at low buck prices!

9.1:1 ratio final drive Ruima straight cut secondary gears and vented drilled Ruima clutch bell housings.


I’ll be doing some gear swapping and retuning on both Elites in hopes of hitting the drag strip yet again, with some interesting goals in sight 8)  Keep an eye out for progress on these bad boys