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A (THE) Guide to 2-strokes, written by fellow scootdawg forum member 90GTVert. An incredible amount of on the fly 2-stroke knowledge, definitely a good primer for everyone to read! Includes links below article to his own HOW-TO’s and tutorials, dealing mostly with Jog based Vento’s VERY GOOD STUFF

70cc Bore Kit Install A great straightforward guide for installing a 70cc kit on a Vento Triton, this info applies to other scoots and kits as well, I learned with this guide back in the day 🙂

Carburetor Tuning Guide a comprehensive tutorial on the fine art of tuning carburetors, something every scooter and motorcycle tuner needs to know

Sparkplug Plug chop GUIDE, very useful for jetting your scooter or any bike after installing anything that alters the engine, ie open filter, exhaust.. A plug chop is a must

BORE and STROKE Calculator! Very useful if your swapping cranks or just need to know displacement on the fly


ScootSpecs My personal new business launch, selling performance scooter parts! Currently stocking DIO/Elite S parts and will be carrying Yamaha JOG and GY6 50 and 150cc parts very soon! Need performance parts for your scooter? Check us out 🙂

HPD Honda Peninsula Honda OEM Parts, good deals and useful microfiches for any Honda scooter or motorcycle

<<<<< MY FAVORITE SCOOTER FORUMS >>>>> Great place for all Spree and Elite 50 owners They have free service manuals, active friendly members and lots of great tech info. what else could you ask for 🙂 for the real technically inclined, custom porting, other-than-US builds, etc. this is the spot for that

forumshawaii this hawaiin forum has a good parts market and scattered tuning info

scootdawg forums have a Chinese scooter you’d like more info on? I would look here first, large member base means its very active

provoscooter ahh the ol provo forums, not what they used to be but they’re starting with new management less spam and hopefully better service

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